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Welcome at a site of the company Atlantica Petersburg Ltd.

Main sphere of our activity are the deliveries of frozen fish in all regions of Russia. We are oriented on such kinds of fish as herring, mackerel, sprat, Baltic herring and capelin. Our priorities are:

        Import of herring and mackerel from Norway;

        Import of sprat and Baltic Herring from Estonia;

        Import of Baltic herring from Finland.

We have the long-terms contracts and effective work with number of firms from these countries since 1997.

But we are interested in the extension of contacts in these countries.

We will also consider any your offers regarding deliveries of other kinds of fish in Russia.

We▓re asking to send your offers to:

     e-mail: atlantica@peterlink.ru

     fax: +7 812 327-66-13

      address: office  411 A, 160, Leninsky pr, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

or contact with us on telephones: + 7 812 370-46-91, + 7 812 290-74-46

We hope on the successful cooperation.

Faithfully yours, Management of Atlantica Petersburg Ltd.

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Atlantica Petersburg Ltd, 196247, Russia, St-Petersburg,
Leninsky pr., 160, off. 411A
Telephone: +7 (812) 370-74-46, 370-46-91, 118-62-13
Fax:+7 (812) 327-66-13
E-Mail: atlantica@peterlink.ru